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Chairman Interview | Jutze Technology Yang Yong: Get through machine vision inspection with

source: Shanghai Securities News(2020-08-25) ⊙reporter Li Xingcai

      On the evening of August 24, Jutze Technology disclosed a bottomed-out semi-annual report for 2020. In the second quarter, the company's 3D inspection business has achieved growth against the trend, and benefits will be reflected in the second half of the year.

      According to reports, in the first half of this year, the company's independent research and development of 3D AOI (three-dimensional automatic optical inspection) and 3D SPI (Solder Paste Inspection, solder paste inspection system) continued to make breakthroughs in customer development, and won the Pegatron Group, BYD, BOE, etc. Highly recognized by industry benchmark customers, the total order amount for the new product 3D SPI in the second quarter has exceeded 27 million yuan.

      "Jutze is the name of the leader of the Mohist school, a master of ancient science and technology in my country. The company is named after it, and it hopes to make equipment like ancient craftsmen." In an interview with a reporter from Shanghai Securities News, Jutze Technology Chairman Yang Yong stated that Jutze Technology is the first domestic equipment manufacturer to enter the Foxconn Apple production line and is currently the most complete machine vision inspection equipment manufacturer in China. The future goal is to become The world's leading manufacturer of machine vision equipment.


      3D AOI, 3D SPI sales grow against the trend.

      "Orders have been very saturated since May, and the 3D AOI has been ramping up quickly." When it comes to the company's performance outlook for the second half of the year, Mr. Yang Yong appears confident.

       Mr. Yang Yong introduced that due to the impact of the epidemic in the first half of this year, the company’s downstream customers delayed the resumption of work, and some customers gradually reduced their investment and procurement scale, which had a short-term adverse impact on the company’s operating performance in the first half of the year; however, with the promotion of new products, the company’s Half a year is expected to "get a good harvest".

       "The turning point comes from 3D SPI." Regarding the contrarian growth in sales in the second quarter, Yang Yong told reporters that starting from May, the company's 3D SPI has preempted the traditional market of an overseas giant and entered ODMs such as Pegatron and BYD. The production line of the factory has realized the substitution of imported domestic equipment. The unit price of 3D AOI/SPI is higher than 2D AOI/SPI. "

       More interesting is the 3D AOI. Mr. Yang Yong told reporters that 3D is the development direction of machine vision inspection, and it is optimistic about this trend. Juzi Technology has been involved in the research and development of 3D AOI five years ago, and it is also the first domestic supplier to achieve mass shipments.

      The reporter learned that in 3D AOI, compared with competitors using fixed-frequency Moire fringe gratings, Juzi Technology adopts multi-frequency digital Moiré fringe grating projection technology and independently developed the core 3D optical imaging system (including optical projection components), 3D The software algorithm not only overcomes the shortcomings and loopholes that cannot be solved by the existing 2D AOI, but also greatly improves the stability, accuracy and reliability of detection.

      "All ODM vendors must use 3D AOI, especially automotive electronic product testing must use this equipment." Mr. Yang Yong revealed that the company's 3D equipment shipments this year may account for nearly half of this type of equipment, and it is expected to be in 2021. A year of great outbreak. "The only companies that have 2D AOI, 3D AOI, and 3D SPI devices at the same time, only Jutze Technology and China Taiwan's Tri." Mr. Yang Yong told reporters that this year the company's 3D AOI has entered BYD; 3D SPI entered the supply chain of PEGATRON and BYD.

      In addition to 3D AOI and 3D SPI, JUTZE Technology has strong competitiveness in many fields. For example, Mr. Yang Yong, the company's newly developed FPC soft board optical inspection equipment has also passed customer verification. "Compared with manual visual inspection, it is more accurate, faster, and more reliable. The data analysis results can in turn help research and development." Mr. Yang Yong introduced, taking FPC soft board (flexible circuit board) optical inspection equipment as an example, FPC soft board It is widely used in consumer electronics, but due to its light weight, thin thickness, bending resistance, flexible structure and other material characteristics, it is still only possible to use manual visual inspection for appearance defect detection. The use of machine vision inspection equipment can greatly improve production efficiency , Detection accuracy.

      Picked "Apples" after three years of business。

      JUTZE Technology is the first domestic equipment manufacturer to enter the field of machine vision inspection.

      In the late 1990s, machine vision inspection equipment began to appear in Japan and eventually developed into the "king" in this field. In 2000, Mr. Yang Yong joined the work of Saki Corporation in Japan (namely Saki Intelligent) and began to contact the research and development of machine vision inspection equipment."At that time, I judged that with the development of the electronics industry, machine vision inspection will be very promising." Mr. Yang Yong talked about his original intention of starting a business. He thought at the time that China has such a large market, and it must be able to accommodate one or even several. Large machine vision inspection equipment company. In 2007, Yang Yong founded JUTZE Technology.

      "The first product was made in the first year of the business, sales revenue was realized in the second year, and the Apple production line of Foxconn was entered in the third year." Mr. Yang Yong recalled proudly, based on his and his team's solid R&D capabilities and spirit of research. , Juzi Technology started very smoothly and became the first domestic equipment manufacturer to enter Apple's supply chain. With Apple's "endorsement", JUTZE Technology began to "accelerate" its growth. Mr. Yang Yong recalled that after entering the Foxconn production line, Juzi Technology soon got an order from Foxconn rival Pegatron (a subsidiary of Pegatron). What does it mean to enter Foxconn and Pegatron at the same time? In the field of Apple mobile phone foundry, Foxconn and Pegatron accounted for almost 90% of the market share. In other words, in the entire smart phone development, JUTZE Technology has eaten the most fat device market share.

      "If there is not a sufficiently high gross profit margin, high R&D investment cannot be guaranteed, and the company cannot have long-term competitiveness." What makes Mr. Yang Yong especially proud is that, unlike many domestic companies, the price of JUTZE Technology's products is different. Almost all of them are almost the same as imported products. The secret of this is excellent technology and product quality. "At that time, JUTZE Technology's equipment was tested on the same platform as many imported equipment. In the end, Pegatron chose Juzi's products." Mr. Yang Yong introduced. Why can JUTZE Technology's equipment compete with foreign manufacturers? "When Juzi Technology was founded, it was positioned to be a world-class equipment manufacturer." Mr.Yang Yong said that the company's initial target was Saki, Omron, KOHYOUNG and other overseas competitors. "The focus of the industry is often what JUTZE Technology is doing." Yang Yong introduced the position of JUTZE Technology in this way. It is no exaggeration to say that in the field of machine vision inspection, JUTZE Technology is the industry "vane".

The reporter learned that since its establishment, JUTZE Technology has sold more than 5,000 machine vision equipment and served 700 or 800 well-known customers at home and abroad. At present, JUTZE Technology is an important machine vision equipment supplier for well-known companies such as Apple, Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, VIVO, or their OEMs.

       Aiming at "one-stop" solution provider

      "Except for 3D AOI and 3D SPI, our reserves in many fields are very competitive." Mentioning the company’s future competitiveness, Mr.Yang Yong told reporters confidently that JUTZE Technology’s strategy is to gradually realize Online sales" form a one-stop intelligent detection solution that can cover the entire line.

      "There are thousands of components on the motherboard of Apple mobile phones, and the time to produce a motherboard is 16 to 17 seconds. Even if it saves 1 second, it can produce huge economic benefits." For the demand for "full-line sales", Mr.Yang Yong explained as an example. With the development of "light, thin, short, and small" electronic products, electronic manufacturing has more and more sophisticated requirements for equipment, and the coordination requirements of the entire production line equipment are also getting higher and higher. Machine manufacturers hope that equipment manufacturers can provide Multiple types of equipment to improve collaboration efficiency.

      From the perspective of JUTZE Technology, based on machine vision technology, expanding the product line following the entire machine manufacturing process can greatly enhance the company's profitability and comprehensive competitiveness. The reporter learned that before going public, JUTZE Technology has developed three major product lines: 2D AOI, LED AOI, and laser engraving machines. In recent years, the company has successively launched 3D AOI, 3D SPI, FPC soft board optical inspection equipment, etc.

      The iteration of electronic products continues to accelerate, and how JUTZE Technology can run faster is on the agenda."Endogenous and extended walking on two legs." Regarding the company's growth, Mr. Yang Yong has recently been considering how to use capital markets to help JUTZE Technology achieve extraordinary development in addition to continuous investment in research and development. The reporter noted that JUTZE Technology has already started foreign investment. The company disclosed on April 17 this year that it intends to use its own funds of 50 million yuan to jointly establish a display and semiconductor venture investment fund "Suzhou Xinkineng Technology Venture Capital Partnership (Limited Partnership) with Xinxin Leasing, a subsidiary of the National Integrated Circuit Industry Investment Fund. )", the fund mainly invests in projects in the display and semiconductor industries, and focuses on market segments such as display and human-computer interaction, the Internet of Things, and smart manufacturing.

       Mr. Yang Yong told reporters that based on the self-developed 3D AOI, Juzi Technology has the technical ability to expand into more new fields. The company is the first to target machine vision inspections in the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, miniLED and other industries. Products currently under development include high-speed Tablet optical inspection equipment, semiconductor packaging automatic optical inspection equipment, miniLED AOI, etc.

       "Be a practitioner of the spirit of ancient Chinese craftsmen." This is Mr. Yang Yong's entrepreneurial belief. He hopes that the company will become the world's leading manufacturer of machine vision. For this reason, he named the company "JUTZE". JUTZE is the name of the leader of the Mohist school in ancient China.